So how about those Red Sox players' weekend nicknames?

So how about those Red Sox players' weekend nicknames?

OK. The Red Sox season has been a little depressing, so why don't we go ahead and look at something on the lighter side for them?

That seems like the best play because talking about Andrew Cashner getting lit up by the Kansas City Royals is just demoralizing. Instead, this seems like a better time to talk about the player's weekend jerseys the Red Sox will be wearing. Specifically, all of the guys had to choose nicknames for them.



It's an interesting list to say the least. Some of them are kind of what you'd expect. Mookie Betts is Mookie. Jackie Bradley Jr. is JBJ. Andrew Benintendi is Benny. Xander Bogaerts is X-Man. Brian Johnson is BJ. Etc....

Rick Porcello was clearly the most creative of the bunch -- which seems to explain why he's not having a great season. He spent all of the year trying to get this nickname debacle sorted out and he came up with: Porcello. Brilliant. It's authentic. It's clever. It's good stuff.

Michael Chavis assured us he's trying his best to get his nickname changed to Ice Horse on the back of his jersey. According to him, the team asked about the nicknames in Spring Training and he hadn't made his MLB debut yet. That said, he didn't have a nickname yet. But personally, not a big fan of his new nickname. He looks more like a shaved ice to me.

This will be the third straight year which features an MLB players weekend. To date, my favorite one came in 2017 when Mitch Moreland ended up pitching. No, it wasn't a good game for the Red Sox, but it looked kind of cool.

Notice he has the Mitchy 2-Bags jersey going on right there. Pretty good.

The players weekend this year will be held from August 23-25.

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