So, about the WooSox...

So, about the WooSox...

OK, so this is basically urgent that we talk about it.

The Pawtucket Red Sox are over and done with after the 2020 season. There will sadly no longer be any PAW SOX BASE BALL! (if you've been to McCoy Stadium, you'll get that reference).

So as we know, the team is going to play in Worcester instead in the future. I think I've taken to the internet to complain about the decision before--because I really like the PawSox  Anyhoo…

They voted on a team name for the Worcester team: and they picked the Worcester WooSox. Yes. You read that right. I'm not joking. They picked the WooSox.

No. They're not the Worcester Red Sox and then shortened to the WooSox by everyone. See, that's what I thought would make sense. It was inevitable that people would call them the WooSox. But remember, the PawSox are actually called the Pawtucket Red Sox. Nah. Worcester straight up is going with the WooSox.

And I used the new logo as the picture for this article. As you can see, there is a smiley face in the logo -- and that's because the guy who invented the original smiley face is from Worcester. That's what someone told me earlier in the week when I noticed the Wormtown Brewery "Be Hoppy" beer also has the smiley face (and is brewed in Worcester). It's some elaborate thinking, I know, but I'm glad we got to the bottom of it.

I don't see that Smiley guy giving back to the community like this though:

So yeah, it's sad that the PawSox will no longer be with us, and I know some people aren't happy about the Worcester stadium deal using public funds and others like the location now better than putting it out in Worcester. What's done is done though. That's just the way it's gonna work from now on whether or not we all like it.

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