Skip The Trick-Or-Treating & Visit This Massive Candy Shop Instead

Skip The Trick-Or-Treating & Visit This Massive Candy Shop Instead

Even before the pandemic put a damper on Halloween, trick-or-treating was always a hit-or-miss activity. Some folks always come through with Reese cups or full-size candy bars, while others give cheap hard candies or the dreaded box of raisins.

Now that we are in the grips of the COVID-19 crisis, why not avoid the whole fiasco and get exactly what you want at The Penny Candy Store in Sharon?

It may not look like much from the outside, but behind that brick exterior is a colorful candy wonderland that would make Wonka himself jealous!

The shop is technically a candy wholesale outlet so not only do you have endless options, you'll find some of your favorites in highly affordable mass quantities. 

Buy an entire feed bag of gummy bears, Runts or Reese's Pieces.

Or if you'd prefer a wider variety, grab an empty bag and load it up with loose candy from the Penny Candy Bins.

Are you a fan of jelly fruit slices? You won't find a larger selection anywhere.

Old timers will find tons of vintage favorites including root beer barrels, Bit o' Honeys, pretty much every flavor of saltwater taffy ever created, Mary Janes, butterscotch and much, much more. Some of the candies date all the way back to the 1800s!

They even have those massive swirly lollipops you see in retro cartoons!

Planning a wedding, baby shower, or other themed event? You can shop for candy by color to match your vision. In fact, they have an entire room for that!

Can't make it to the shop? Place an order from The Penny Candy Store's massive online selection. No matter how much you buy, it ships for an incredibly affordable flat rate of $5.95.

The Penny Candy Store has well over 2,000 candy varieties to choose from. You won't find that kind of selection knocking on doors!

Despite the pandemic, the shop is open 9 AM - 6 PM Monday through Saturday. So grab your mask and a really big pillowcase and head to The Penny Candy Store!

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