Saltie Girl Is Now Serving Exceptional Seafood-Topped Pizzas

Saltie Girl Is Now Serving Exceptional Seafood-Topped Pizzas

Dina Fantegrossi ·

Boston is known for its insanely fresh seafood and its quality, authentic pizza.

If you are having trouble choosing between the two this weekend, you are in luck! Back Bay’s Saltie Girl transforms into Saltie Girl Seafood Pizza every Wednesday through Sunday evening from 5p.m. until the ingredients run out.

Offerings include thin crust pies topped with hand-pulled cheeses (mozzarella, burrata, taleggio and reggiano), fresh veggies, and a variety of seafood selections including lobster, clams, caviar, smoked salmon, and more.

The Jonah Crab pizza features fresh local crab meat and a housemade pistachio pesto sauce while the Octopus pizza is made with fennel sausage and piquillo pepper tomato sauce.

If seafood just isn't your thing, you can order a traditional tomato pizza with mozzarella di buffalo, evoo, sweet 100s, fresh basil, and parmigiano reggiano or try the Ham & Egg pizza with arugula and lemon zest.

In addition to pizza you will also find lovely salads on the menu as well as artisanal cocktails, or as the Italians call them, negronis. 

Since liquor isn't for everyone, the bar is fully stocked with cold beer and an owner-curated selection of vino from the restaurant's all-Italian wine list.

Saltie Girl Seafood Pizza does not take reservations. Simply visit the shop or call in your order to the original restaurant space in Back Bay at 281 Dartmouth Street on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening.

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