Rob Gronkowski is actually really financially responsible

Rob Gronkowski is actually really financially responsible

You definitely have an image of Rob Gronkowski in your head. It's more than the fact that he's a big guy and great tight end for the New England Patriots, there's also his attitude and all that. You know, how he seems like the kind of guy who parties a lot and likes to have fun (or his idea of it).

Well, it turns out he might be a little different than you thought. Not really sure what his deal is in terms of the par-taying aspect (probably not as bad as Johnny Manziel back in the day), but whatever. What may come as a surprise to some people is how financially responsible he has been over the course of his NFL career.

Yes. According to The Sports Xchange (UPI's sports wire service), Gronk isn't a massive spender. He hasn't spent a dime of the money he has made as an NFL player (around $45 million so far) which means he's loaded. So how does he do it, you may wonder? Endorsements. He has lived off of his endorsements with companies like Dunkin Donuts--and Tide. Not to mention he's done public appearances and has a book. So yeah, he has other avenues of revenue.

Gronk also told the site that he hasn't really bought himself anything nice over the course of his career, but if he gets all of his incentives/bonuses this season, he will get himself a gift.

The strategy is honestly pretty ingenious. He's rewarding himself for doing well instead of blowing all of his money. He's putting himself and his family for generations to come in a very good spot financially--and that's what big money athletes should really be thinking about.

It's good to have some nice things, but just don't blow all of your money. That's the message here.

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