Rick Porcello is not cutting it

Rick Porcello is not cutting it

Yeah so this really isn't working out.

In all seriousness, if the Red Sox want to make it to the playoffs this season -- and it's unclear if they do or not -- they are going to have to make a change. At this point, that change is one people will probably be split on: stop pitching Rick Porcello.

The guy has been garbage this season. He got shellacked by the Tampa Bay Rays on July 31, allowing 6 runs in 5.2 innings pitched. Oh yeah, and he broke two televisions as he was throwing a fit like a little kid.



Granted, we wish he was doing well this season. It's gotta be frustrating for him as a player to struggle this way when he really has shown over the years that he is a competent arm. He's the guy who won the Cy Young Award in 2016. But you know what? He's not performing this season.

His ERA headed into August: 5.74. That's right. It's a number that rounds up to six. That's the kind of guy you'd expect pitching for the Baltimore Orioles, not a Red Sox team which is contending for a playoff spot (Wildcard play-in game).

So what's the solution here? Brian Johnson could be healthy soon, so maybe he can pitch and give five innings. The Red Sox don't have much in terms of starting pitching options, but they should try something else the way Porcello's season is going. What it comes down to is: how much worse would Johnson be than Porcello?

Not to mention, Nathan Eovaldi (4 years, $68 million) still exists and is being paid starting pitcher money. That could be an option.

It's unclear what the answer is there, but it's a shame he was not throwing better so the Red Sox could deal him at the deadline. Hopefully, he's not re-signed after the season and the Red Sox can use some money on their bullpen.

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