Rene Rancourt done after this season

Rene Rancourt done after this season

Here's a reason for Boston Bruins fans to feel upset.

Huge news broke on Wednesday when longtime Boston Bruins National Anthem singer Rene Rancourt will not be singing at Bruins games after this season. He will officially be retired.

Every Boston sports fan knows who Rancourt is. He has been doing the American and Canadian National Anthems before Bruins games for over 40 years (since the 1975-1976 season).

“Mother Nature is calling,” Rancourt told the Boston Herald. “I’ve been trying to act very young. I’m fooling a few people. But Mother Nature can’t be fooled. I’m 78. Maybe I started to think of retirement at 68, so I’m a little bit late.”

The Herald also gets into how he started his career singing before the games. He was an opera singer before that. He did the anthem prior to a Red Sox game and longtime organist John Kiley asked him to sing at a Bruins game. Shockingly, he did not know where the Bruins played back then.

Now, however, he is a staple in the Boston sports community. If we're being honest, he's probably more famous than most NHL players are. That's not a shot at the guys who play the games, it just shows how beloved Rancourt is in New England--which is great. He is a symbol of patriotism and he makes fans even more excited about hearing their country's song. 

It's certainly going to be a weird feeling going to a Bruins game next year and not seeing Rancourt sing. That's what really sets the mood for the whole day. 

To be honest, I wish this was announced prior to the season so Rancourt could have a farewell tour even though he does not travel. 

The Bruins will honor him on April 8th which is their final home game of the season. 
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