Red Sox-Yankees ALDS? Let's go!

Red Sox-Yankees ALDS? Let's go!

Last week, I was a little down knowing that it was the most pointless Red Sox-Yankees series in recent memory (at least since the final series of the 2015 season).

However, now we’re looking at it from a completely different perspective. Last Friday was pointless. This Friday is the biggest series between the two teams since (wait for it) 2004!

That’s right: this is the first time the two teams have gone head-to-head in playoff competition since 2004. Remember what happened there? Of course you do. Everyone does. Granted, this series won’t be as memorable as this one because it’s the ALDS and not the ALCS, it is cool that the two rivals are going head-to-head for a little bit of playoff action.

You know what else is cool? The fact that the Red Sox won 108 games this year and that the Yankees were the wildcard team. We know from 2004 that winning the wildcard doesn’t mean that a team has no shot in the playoffs. However, we know that on paper, that gives the Red Sox a little bit of an advantage--especially since the Yankees had to waste some innings on Wednesday (and a start from a good pitcher) just to even get to this point.

Basically, it should be really cool. Game one of the series is at home and Trot Nixon is set to throw out the first pitch. Personally, I would’ve gone for Curt Schilling just to see the kind of reaction he’d get at Fenway Park (and because he is a postseason hero), but it’s whatever: maybe they’re saving that one for the second home game of the series.

So basically, here’s what it comes down to: the Red Sox didn’t win 108 games by mistake. There’s a reason why the Yankees were the second place team this season. Sox in 5. Book it.

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