Red Sox upping ticket prices

Red Sox upping ticket prices

You know how the Boston Red Sox had that really great season in 2019?
Like, it was fan-tastic. It was so good that the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees still have games left and the Red Sox don't. It was so good that it was their worst season since 2015.

Well, good news. Since the Red Sox just finished a triumphant third place season, that means you will get to pay more money for tickets to see one of their games next season -- because that's only fair.

So the team decided the average ticket price will be hiked 1.7 percent to commemorate how well the team did last season. So not only is the team going to cut payroll, but they will also make it slightly more expensive to go see them.

Sure, inflation is a thing -- so there is a real case to raise ticket prices based on that, but this was a disappointment of a season so maybe they should've held off on that.

Also, I didn't realize how much money the team made off ticket sales. Last year, the Red Sox had 2,924,627 fans attend their games. Now let's say the average face value ticket price was $55 (I don't think it was, but I know it was close to that number). You know what that would mean, right? It would mean the team amassed $160,854,485 in revenue on ticket sales alone. That's like pretty decent considering all of the other avenues they have to make money....



But yeah, this probably wasn't a good look for the ownership group -- and as a bunch of people who are obsessed with optics, it is surprising that they did not know that.

They'll still sell a bunch of tickets so ultimately, they'll make more money off of this decision, if I had to guess...

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