Red Sox reliever Carson Smith survives a plane crash

It was a close call. But he’s alive.

Boston Red Sox reliever Carson Smith isn’t with the team right now because he underwent season-ending Tommy John Surgery in May. So where has he been? Well, apparently, today he was on a plane. And his plane crashed. But he’s OK.

He took to Twitter tonight to recall what happened.

From the sound of it, it might not have been that dangerous. But man, what a story he can tell for the rest of his life. It might not have been a life-or-death thing, but remember now:

Red Sox fans have to be glad that he’s alright and glad to know there were no complications in his Tommy John Surgery last month or anything like that.

So when will we see Smith pitch again? Uh, try 2017 buddy.

For those who are not familiar with Smith, he finished third in American League Rookie of the Year voitng last year and looked to be the future closer of the Seattle Mariners. But since the Red Sox had a surplus starting pitcher, who is also pretty good at milking cows, they dealt him and tried upgrading their bullpen.

Well, it turned out Smith probably didn’t have the best medical record coming from Seattle. He started the year on the DL, made two appearances in Boston and then needed Tommy John Surgery. Even so, he looks to be among the top up-and-coming relievers in the game. And if the Red Sox were to win a World Series this year, he’d get a ring. Everyone gets a ring, even that guy who lose the Sox the game in 2013.

And this would be the year to win the World Series with David Ortiz being in his last year and everything. If that happens, emotions will be all over the place.

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