Red Sox hit June Gloom

June 1: Call me crazy, but I think this 2016 Boston Red Sox team could do something special.

June 30: Tom, you’re crazy.

The month of June was truly a June Gloom for the Red Sox as they hit a 10-16 bump in their season, never winning more than two games in a row. Thus far, it was their worst month of the season — their only losing month to date. And it hurt them in the standings — now 5.5 games behind the first place Baltimore Orioles. They had been in first for awhile, but this cliff dive has done them no favors, especially as the Orioles have stayed hot.

The problems are everywhere. They had not been hitting too well at the end of the month. The mound is definitely a problem. Their big guys gave them a few bad outings. And it is clear they are really working off a three-man rotation right now. Eddie Rodriguez was not cutting it, so he was sent to Triple-A. And the Red Sox needed a No. 5 starter, so they just let Buchholz back into the rotation just because they needed someone. Sounds a lot like when those guys invited George Costanza to play frolf because they needed a fourth for the back nine.

Depth is their other big issue. They really don’t have any depth — except behind the plate. Their outfield depth is hindering their performance. And any more injuries to their middle infield would spell problems. The whole Red Sox system is so top-heavy. And that is what we’re witnessing right now. Right now, they’re pretty much like the first few verses of this song:

The trade deadline comes up in about a month, so maybe the Red Sox go after some depth and starting pitching and turn this thing around. After all, the guys they have right now can’t be trusted. And we all know how trust issues end up. Not good.

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