Red Sox got this ALDS

Whachu thinkin’ bout this ALDS, Red Sox fans? Uh.. You should probably feel really good about it.

Why’s that now? Red Sox vs. the Cleveland Indians. The Indians had a better regular season record. They have homefield advantage in two of the first three games and in three of the five games. True.

But their No. 1 starter, Trevor Bauer, owns a 5.35 ERA in the second half this season. Their No. 3 starter, Josh Tomlin, owns a 6.02 ERA in his 12 second half starts. Yeah… Not good.

Why so bad? Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar are hurt. Those are the two guys who would have complemented Corey Kluber in the rotation. So even they know it’s not good. It’s all they have.

Let’s compare that to the combined efforts to Rick Porcello, David Price, Clay Buchholz and Eddie Rodriguez. That’s four guys, who made 53 starts. OK, so that’s a 3.08 ERA.  Guess who has the highest ERA of the bunch? David Price. Duh. Guy had like a 3.5 something ERA after the All-Star break. So yeah, he’s a complete bum. No. Really. If he’s their “worst pitcher” with a 3.5 ERA, that’s saying something.

And then there’s this: the Red Sox have the best lineup in baseball — even if third base and catcher are black holes with little production (sorry, Sandy Leon). Do I need to back that up with stats? No. But I will. Highest OPS in the game. How’s that?

Also worth noting: Hanley Ramirez has experience at third base. So yeah, if it really comes down to it, maybe he sees a little time there. But the Brock Holt-Aaron Hill platoon will try to see what it can do first.

If anyone cares, the Red Sox are a little better defensively than Cleveland, but both teams ain’t bad in that regard. That could come into play later on though. Remember that because it could come up eventually.

Hitting or pitching, the Red Sox should be able to take the tribe down.

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