Red Sox FINALLY sign Chih-Jung Liu

Red Sox FINALLY sign Chih-Jung Liu

Alright, so this is kind of legit.

The Boston Red Sox went ahead and signed a half decent prospect.

That’s right, they went to Taiwan, the country which Tzu-Wei Lin is from, and found a guy with some promise. His name is Chih-Jung Liu. He is 20 years old and according to state-run media, AKA The Boston Globe, the team gave him a $750,000 signing bonus. So basically, that’s a lifetime supply of Natty Light for when he turns 21.

Apparently, he’s some sort of a fancy two-way player with a fastball that tops out at 98 mph (disclaimer, every arm we’re told about can supposedly throw like 110 and then gets into the game and is hitting 90-91, so we shall see how hard he really throws).

Don't worry about the two-way thing so much. A lot of young guys are good hitters and pitchers. It looks like the team is just going to use him on the mound, as far as we know at this given point and time.

Apparently, he was the MVP of the 2019 Asia Baseball Championship — which sounds super legit when you consider that both Japan and South Korea are in Asia. He’s also going to play in the WBSC’s Premier12 Tournament this upcoming November. If you have no idea what that is, join the club, but NESN says Tzu-Wei Lin will be playing in it too, so you know it’s legit.

Is this dealing going to work out? I have no idea. I just heard of the guy today and figured it would be a good time to pass this info off to the people of earth.

It might be a great signing. It might be an awful signing. It could be somewhere in the middle. We'll know the answer to that in maybe 20 years or so...

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