Red Sox-Dodgers talk Mookie Betts deal

Red Sox-Dodgers talk Mookie Betts deal

Alright, folks: are you ready for this tea to be spilt?

I am.

It looks like the Boston Red Sox have been talking about doing the unthinkable. That's right, there are reports out that the team has engaged in "preliminary trade talks" with the Los Angeles Dodgers about dealing (gasps) Mookie Betts.

That's right. Since the Los Angeles Dodgers haven't spent enough money yet to try to win the World Series, they have to pump in more money. That's the only solution. They just have to buy every last piece on the planet. That's how they're gonna win.

So USA Today reports their top priority is Francisco Lindor, the Cleveland Indians shortstop. However, they also like Betts.

Now remember, Betts is set to be a free agent following the 2020 season anyways, and it's unclear whether or not the Red Sox would sign him if he does end up wanting a lot of money or something like that.

This particular report mentions Corey Seager as a potential trade piece for the Red Sox. Is he a good player? Sure. But he's also a shortstop. The Red Sox have a shortstop. His name is Xander Bogaerts, and he's been an All-Star before.

Here's the thing about a Mookie Betts trade: we shouldn't rule it out, but it should be something that makes sense for the Red Sox. Like if the Red Sox could get some fantastic young pitcher where his salary would be dirt cheap (by MLB standards) and there's a lot of control over him, then that could be something worth pursuing. If it's minor leaguers and elite prospects, then the positions don't matter as much because they're malleable as well....

So yeah... definitely interested to see what the Red Sox end up doing and where Mookie plays next year and the year after.