Red Sox disappoint at the deadline

Red Sox disappoint at the deadline

Well, this is a pretty bad sign.

The Boston Red Sox really didn’t do anything to get better in July. I mean, they got Andrew Cashner, but they didn’t go out and get the piece to surpass the Yankees and Rays in the division. On the actual day of the trade deadline, they did absolutely nothing. The Red Sox just sat there as the Houston Astros got Zack Greinke—and did nothing about it...

If this is any indication, the season is basically over. It was fun while it lasted but remember, there’s no waiver deadline anymore, so nothing to bank on there. Billy Wagner isn’t coming to save the bullpen in September. They’ve just got to play with what they have and hope for the best. Pretty nerve wracking, I know....


This begs the question: what exactly are the Red Sox trying to accomplish this year, if anything? If they make it to the one game wildcard playoff game, that’s cool. However, it’s possible that they lose that game if they don’t have a high quality bullpen to go to in the late innings.

The funniest part of it all was that Dave Dombrowski said there was actually MLB teams who called him to inquire about the Red Sox bullpen. Imagine that. I can’t other than maybe teams trying to get Ryan Brasier for absolutely nothing because he’s in Pawtucket right now. Other than that, it sounds like it’s probably a bold faced lie.

So does the front office deserve some blame here? Yeah, absolutely. They didn’t make the Red Sox a better team, nor did they sell anything off. They’re not in a rebuild, nor are they going for the World Series. They’re kind of just existing for the time being. That might be the hardest spot of them all to see the team at....

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