Red Sox considering Rich Hill... again

Red Sox considering Rich Hill... again

It looks like a Red Sox legend could be back with the Red Sox if the price is correct (not right, correct).

That's right, we are talking about Milton's finest. The man. The myth. The Rich Hill (sorry Alex Hassan).

Alright, so we will spill the tea. Here's what's going on: according to The Athletic, the Red Sox are one of several teams which have reached out to Hill this offseason to see if he would like to play for them. Remember, Hill grew up not too far from here, so that might entice him -- as could the fact that he's already had two tenures with the team.

Let's talk about this too: it was Hill's September 2015 starts with the out of contention Boston Red Sox which really revitalized his playing career. Earlier that summer, he was an assistant legion baseball coach -- so it looked like it was all over for him.

Although Hill's numbers are definitely good, his health is a point of concern. He's just not a durable starting pitcher. He made 32 starts in a season back in 2007 but since then, he has not replicated that mark. In fact, the best he's done was 25 regular season starts with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017. Last year, he only made 13 starts.

This would be an interesting get if he was going to be a depth piece for the Red Sox organization. Keep in mind, he's gonna be 39 next year, so he's not young. It's not like they can depend on him to pitch a full season and be healthy. Is he talented? Of course. But it doesn't help the team if they're gonna have triple-A guys making a bunch of starts and losing games because the guy they paid millions of dollars just can't stay healthy.

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