Red Sox bullpen cop set to retire after this season

Red Sox bullpen cop set to retire after this season

It is truly the end of an era for one man who became a well-known Boston sports figure in recent times.

That man is Steve Horgan, the Boston Red Sox bullpen cop. He's a man who has posed for pictured with countless fans and even has his own bobble head. But according to a Boston Globe report, he is set to retire from the Boston Police Department in January of 2019. He told John Henry's PR machine of a newspaper that he will, "miss the whole atmosphere of Fenway Park. It’s been fun."



Apparently, he has some pretty cool plans for his retirement as well. He wants to pursue cooking and possibly television. He should make some Red Sox-related appearances too; he seems like he could be a good ambassador for the team.

Now, some people may be thinking to themselves either: why have I heard that name before OR who is this guy? Let us explain:

Remember when David Ortiz hit that massive grand slam in game two the 2013 ALCS to tie the game in the bottom of the eighth inning and all of Fenway Park erupted? Well, Horgan was the guy you could see on the screen who raised his hands up in the air as the Tigers outfielder tumbled into the Red Sox bullpen. It was the kind of hand motion you'd expect when someone booted a game-winning field goal but hey, it was cool, it fit the moment and he is remembered for it.

What a career for him though. It's definitely something cool that he will be able to talk about for the rest of his life. People will recognize him walking down the streets and kin will be able to brag about it to their friends. That's what's key here: the bragging rights of it all.

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