Red Sox All-Stars projections

Red Sox All-Stars projections

It's not for another month, but the MLB All-Star game voting has commenced.

Each team is guaranteed to have a player competing--which means the Red Sox will have at least one. Put the emphasis on "at least" because they're probably going to have more.

In case you were wondering, yes, we have some thoughts on who should make the cut. Check it out:

Xander Bogaerts -- There's a lot of good shortstops out there, but this guy is playing some great baseball as of late. He is hitting .304 with 12 home runs and a team-high .927 OPS through 57 games played. That is hard to ignore.

David Price -- Price is the most likely guy from the pitching staff to be selected. Some of the other starters got off to slow starts and I can't see Marcus Walden or Brandon Workman making the cut unless they have some insane streak in June where they don't allow any runs or something like that. Anyways, Price is 3-2 with a 2.83 ERA in 10 starts this season with 59 strikeouts in 54 innings pitched.

JD Martinez -- Alright, this dude can flat out hit. The home run total might not be as high this season as it was last year, but he is still hitting .301 with 12 home runs and a .914 OPS through 54 games. When the OPS is above .900, there absolutely should be All-Star game consideration.

Rafael Devers -- This depends on how many third basemen they decide to carry, but Devers' OPS ranks fourth among AL third basemen (.871) and he is hitting .314 with eight home runs through 59 games played. That's at least a breakout year for him.

Mookie Betts might miss the cut this year because there's so many good hitting outfielders and scarcity at catcher could help Christian Vazquez. Oh, and Mitch Moreland's injury may have destroyed his chances. We'll see what happens though...

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