Ray Bourque likes what he sees in Charlie McAvoy

The Bruins are hibernating right now.

Honestly, not much going on with them because, you know, the NHL playoffs are still going on — because that sort of thing legit takes forever for some reason or another. It’s not like baseball where it only takes a few weeks. They legit take an eternity. So lately, much of the content we’re seeing on the Bruins is merely speculation. In other words, it’s not real. There was, however, some real praise from a real NHL player recently though….

The media conglomerate NESN, caught up with a Mr. Raymond Bourque, better known as Ray Bourque and spoke with him to get his opinion on some stuff. You know, because, who knows hockey better than the guys who actually played the game? Let’s just put it this way, in his little interview with them, he said he’s impressed with Charlie McAvoy. In fact, I think there was a very in there. Yeah. If you didn’t think enough of McAvoy yet, that’s all the more reason to.

I mean, seriously. What kind of a 20-year-old is on a first defensive pairing in an NHL playoff game when he can count the amount of games he’s played at that level on one hand? Not many. What he did this past postseason is straight nuts, and B’s fans have to be excited for that.

In case you were wondering how they–NESN–randomly bumped into Ray Bourque, it was actually at some grand opening for some bank in Boston. Don’t feel like promoting some bank with nothing in exchange when I know for a fact they have tons of money on site they could give me–even if it’s technically not theirs–so not gonna name any names. If you really wanted to know though, you could click the hyperlink that’s on some bank.

And finally, here’s quick fun fact. Ray Borque was on the Bruins for four decades. I’ve been alive for three decades and a Bourque Avalanche jersey was the first I ever owned. It was a boys’ small so it doesn’t fit anymore.

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