People are speculating about Tom Brady again

People are speculating about Tom Brady again

Ugh. Here we go again. More speculation from the media about Tom Brady. Goodness, they just love talking about him. It seems like they make stuff up about him quite a bit.

Now, there's a bunch of discussion about him missing a voluntary workout camp with the Patriots this week. OK, yeah, and...?

Who cares? It was voluntary. these guys don't have much time to do stuff during the season. Their offseason is short. Tom Brady has a wife and kids. There's no doubt he's still dedicating a lot of his time to health and fitness to prep for the season, but his window of time for free time is limited. Why would he waste it by going to an optional thing for the Patriots? Brady IS the Patriots at this point. He has the whole playbook memorized. He's nearly flawless as a football player. He's the best quarterback of all-time in terms of Super Bowl rings.

It's good to volunteer, but these optional NFL camps aren't charity work. They're good for younger players and guys who could use the practice. It's an insult to Tom Brady to assume he needs to practice. Clearly, he doesn't. I'd rather have a happy Tom Brady than one who went to three practices in May.

After all, what's Brady's incentive to stay with the Patriots at this point? They need him more than he needs them. He is set for life financially and is a lock for the Hall of Fame. His body is definitely messed up from playing football at this point. He doesn't have to do this anymore, but he wants to. That said, his presence to the Patriots is a gift--and everyone should be thankful.

Brady will be ready for the season, don't worry. It's just annoying when ESPN dwells on this stuff.

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