Paul Pierce gets woke, becomes flat earther

Paul Pierce gets woke, becomes flat earther

Sometimes, you have to wonder why people look up to pro athletes as heroes when there’s so many other good role models in the community.

Sure, there’s some guys who give a lot back to the community and that’s great. They’re supremely athletic and that’s a skill that some people would consider “cool”, I guess. However, they disappoint us time and time again--and that’s unfortunate. The latest example of this pertains to the flat earth theory. We all know Kyrie Irving was a flat earther for a time, but then he disappointed the world by saying he was wrong.

In contrast, however, we are super lucky to have Paul Pierce defending the side of right--that the world is flat.



Think about it: Kyrie is all busy working out because he’s still in the league so he doesn’t really have time to research any of that stuff. On the other hand, Paul Pierce is retired. He doesn’t have to work out everyday. He could straight up let himself go if he wanted to and just look stuff up on the internet all day to try to learn as much as possible (like me). With this in mind, who do you think would be more woke on this issue: Pierce with all of his free time or Irving who basically has none of it?

Plus, let’s be honest: everyone knows maps are flat for a reason. It’s because back in the day, people actually used maps for navigation--and you can’t use a globe for that sort of thing (especially when you’re looking at a small area like the South Shore or something).

OK, so here’s the truth: as far as we know, the earth is round. But this is America, so people have the right to be wrong. Anyways, check out these Paul Pierce highlights.