Patriots TV ratings down a bit

At this rate, the New England Patriots won’t have as many total viewers this season as they did last season.

So yes, Patriots television ratings are down this season. This is true for 25 of 31 teams in the league (we’re not counting the Chargers since they moved). This season, the Patriots are about eight percent, according to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer.

This should not come as a surprise. For starters, there’s the whole anthem thing, but that’s not my jurisdiction. That probably has an impact on it but at the same time, here’s a major problem the Patriots have had this season: they’re just not as good as we were expecting.

The disappointing season the Patriots have had this season has to have something to do with this. And that sounds funny to say because they’re 4-2, but they’ve played some really close teams this season and they have shown they have a major flaw: their defense. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady–even though he is getting hit a lot. These struggles (at times) can be pinned on the secondary and (to a lesser extent) their offensive line has been kind of offensive.

The secondary could improve, however, if Johnson Bademosi gets more opportunities. Yes, he is known for being a quality special teams player, but he did his job in the secondary last week. Seriously: he has speed and can tackle. Maybe he’ll work better back there than Stephon Gilmore. I can just hear everyone else saying: “Couldn’t be much worse!” And you know what, you’re probably right, folks.

Concussions, the anthem, apple picking season and a bunch of other factors will cut into the NFL’s ratings, but the Patriots can really only focus on one thing to improve their rating: winning. That will get them viewers from all across the country.

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