Patriots sign trick shot kicker Josh Gable

Patriots sign trick shot kicker Josh Gable

Alright, this is literally perfect for one of our blogs because we can embed YouTube videos and everything like that.

So you know how the New England Patriots are really hurting for a kicker and trying just about everything they can to find someone? Well they signed Josh Gable. That's right. THE Josh Gable.

Now, if you have no idea who that is, I was with you up until five minutes ago. Apparently, he is famous for a bunch of kicking trick shots he posted of himself on YouTube. There's a handful of guys like this I guess but apparently, he's one of the better ones at it. And now, that gives me the perfect opportunity to link to one of his videos.

Yeah.. Pretty impressive stuff. Frankly, I have no idea if a guy like Nick Folk could hit those kinds of shots. You kind of have to assume all of those shots took this guy like 436 tries, so maybe Folk could do the same if he had the free time. Maybe not. I don't know.

Apparently Gable played in a football league called The Spring League earlier this year and his furthest kick was 45 yards. That doesn't really tell you much. Let's put it this way though: he's not gonna be hitting any of those crazy trick shots with an entire defensive line rushing in on him. That's for certain.

It's definitely worth it for the Patriots to give another kicker a look because it's one place they've really been struggling all year despite their respectable 10-3 record. If they could sure up that part of their game, they would be in better shape headed into the postseason which would increase their odds of winning the.... oh well, would you look at that! We're out of time. Oh well...

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