Patriots pushing for Kevin Durant to come to Boston

Nothing says NFL less than Kevin Durant. And yet, the New England Patriots are becoming part of the reason why he may come to Boston.

The Patriots don’t even play in Boston. They play in Foxboro, of course. But more importantly, they play football, not basketball. But some of their players seem to want Kevin Durant on the Boston Celtics.

Yesterday, the big news broke that the Celts broke out a big gun for the pitch to Durant. Yes, it was a very big gun. It was a gun so big that it would probably be outlawed by the federal government if this wasn’t a metaphor.

Yeah. You saw that right. That was Tom Brady. The Tom Brady. Four-time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady. The second most handsome quarterback on the New England Patriots and the first string quarterback.

Wow, I saw that yesterday. That is so cool! Well, (your first name or nickname), it gets even better. Check this out.

Oh, well would you look at that? Julian Edelman joining in on the fun. He seems to want KD in Boston too, knowing the kind of damage he could do on the court to his opponents.

Man, the Celtics really seem to be in the midst of building something special. Yes, their draft was absolute trash, no offense to anyone they picked. But they kind of blew that opportunity there and are trying to make up with it with some high-profile dudes. Not a bad plan, in all honesty.

The C’s already agreed to sign Al Horford for some big money. So just imagine if they land Durant. Not sure if anyone will be in league ith the Celtics. They already had one of the best teams in the game and added a guy during the draft. But man, this is going to be good.

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