Patriots need to do something about Stephen G.

Patriots need to do something about Stephen G.

OK. Sometimes in sports you have to make moves that involve getting rid of guys who a lot of people like for the betterment of the team.

This was the case when the Red Sox traded Nomar whatever his last name is in 2004 (Garciaparra) and when the Celtics had to give up Delonte West in the Ray Allen deal back in 2007. These are the moves that sting the soul but also help teams win championships.

Along the same lines, here is a simple request for the New England Patriots: cut Stephen Gostkowski.

And no, don't literally cut him. That would be cruel and painful. I mean, release him from the team. Nothing too drastic. They just need to have a different kicker on the team if they want to be a better team.

In the past three games, the guy has missed four extra points. He is 8-for-12 on extra point kicks in that span. In other words, the Patriots probably would've scored more points if they just went for two every damn time because they probably would've converted five or six times.

Now I don't know what the kicking market looks like right now. If they signed a guy, it would probably be someone we have never heard of, and that's fine. They just need someone who can do a better job than that. Basically, if they could find someone who never ever misses a field goal, that would be great. No one would give this player credit--because no one notices the kicker until they screw up. But you know what? That's the society we live in...

As for everything Gostkowski has done for the team in the past, that's great. Thank you for all of it. But you know who else used to be on the Patriots? Rob Gronkowski.

The end.

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