Patriots “honor” Chris Hogan on 7/11

As far as I am concerned, July 11th was the MLB All-Star game. For other people, it was an important day for other reasons.

July 11th is also 7/11 on the number style calendar which makes it a day for the convinence chain with the same name to toot their own horn and give away their slurpee thing which — in my unbiased opinion — isn’t very good. It’s just sugar and ice. Anyways…

New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan is also nicknamed 7/11, albeit I don’t call him it, I don’t think you call him it and to be honest, I only know it’s his nickname because I saw on the internet it was his nickname when he came to New England. It doesn’t really seem like a thing that is used very often at all anymore.

Well, the Patriots social media team remembered the nickname and “honored” him on the date.  Well, kind of.

Yup. That’s right. They broke out the highlight tape of him dicing up the competition in the AFC championship game.

So in case you were wondering why his nickname that no one really uses is 7/11, here it is: Reggie Bush called him it on Hard Knocks in 2012 when he was on the Miami Dolphins during camp in 2012 “because he’s always open”. Hah! Get it? Like the store?

Well, apparently the Dolphins did not. He was with them in 2011-2012, but he has the asterisk next to his tenure on Wikipedia which indicates he was never on the active roster during the regular season. If he was always open, then why didn’t they give him a shot in game?

They must regret not giving him a shot now though. Hogan made 38 catches for 680 yards and four touchdowns last year and earned a Super Bowl ring. That’s not bad, right?

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