Patriots have an easy regular season schedule

Patriots have an easy regular season schedule

The New England Patriots are so good at football to the point where what they do in the regular season doesn’t really matter. Let’s be honest, we all know what’s going to happen.

If they start the season 2-2, everyone says they’re over and done with… and then they go ahead and pull off like eight straight wins or something like that. They’re good for like a 12-4 finish with Tom Brady throwing somewhere in the neighborhood of 33 TDs. But those 16 games (14 Sundays) are pretty much filler songs on the album we call fall (I just came up with that right now, feel free to use it on dating apps).

Anyways, it seems like the Patriots schedule in the regular season is just too easy because they’re so good. They’ve had a winning record every year that Tom Brady has been their starting quarterback because of course. The man is flawless. But yeah, that seems like it will be the case yet again this season, believe it or not.

According to CBS Sports, the Patriots have the ninth-easiest schedule in the league next season based on adding up all of the win percentages (.484).

I don’t take much from this. Here’s why: the teams in the AFC East had to play the Patriots twice each last year. They have to play the Pats twice again this year. But hey, at least it means they don’t have to play a hard schedule.

It’s at least a good feeling to not be the Green Bay Packers whose opponents were a combined 20 games over .500 last season. Still, this shouldn’t make much of a difference for the Patriots. We know them. We know it doesn’t really count until they make it to the AFC Championship game. It’s just that some people like to watch football and other people like to have friends so they reluctantly agree to watch the games with them.

Pretty much, let’s just expect another AFC East title next season.

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