Patriots going Hollywood

Shouldn’t there be a movie about the Patriots?

They went from one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2000 to the most dominant regime now. It’s great for fans, and fans who want to see a little Patriots action on the big screen won’t be disappointed — even if it’s not a movie about the team itself.

This week, Petey Pumpkins, aka Petey Platinum, of FOX Sports, reported that Malcolm Butler is having a movie made about his life. That could be interesting. He’s a true underdog. He wasn’t a D1 recruit. He wasn’t drafted. He was on the bubble of being cut as a rookie. He let up a big catch that put the Seattle Seahawks in the red zone in Super Bowl 49 and then BAM!!! Greatest Super Bowl ever (at the time).

Cool, right? But wait, there’s more….

There’s no way Tom Brady could stay out of the spotlight, right? Not a friggin chance. So he’s getting a movie too… The focus is supposed to be on the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, but apparently, it will also focus on the rest of TB12’s life. And since it’s the Patriots…

You might think he’s always been a little GOAT but think again. This is a guy who didn’t get any playing time as a freshman football player, struggled to find playing time at the University of Michigan and got selected in the 6th round. Through his own hard work, he was able to make a lot of his football career.

The real question is: what actor is going to play Tom Brady? Is there anyone who can do him justice? Seriously, he might be the only guy who would get more candy canes than Glen Coco.

Here’s another Patriots movie, if it counts. Bill Belichick is set to narrate a D-Day documentary. With his dad being a Navy guy, Bill’s military interest should not surprise us. And while you might think it’s funny because it’s so random, Belichick is a very serious guy, so he’s probably perfect for the role. Plus, let’s be honest, there’s Patriots fans who would pay to hear him read a phone book.


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