Patriots get a solid wide receiver in the first round

Patriots get a solid wide receiver in the first round

The New England Patriots first round pick is in!

No, they didn't trade out of the first round for a bunch of third round picks or draft a bunch of Rutgers guys this time around. They actually made a legit first round pick, and it's an interesting one for sure.

The team picked up N'Keal Harry 32nd overall, the last pick in the first round. Harry was a wide receiver at Arizona State; it's a position that was among the Patriots greatest needs, and now they have a guy who might be able to help them there.

Harry was just the second wide receiver taken in the draft, and he was taken ahead of a handful of guys who, according to ESPN, were rated higher than him in the media. Such players include AJ Brown and DK Metcalf of Mississippi, Parris Campbell of Ohio State, and Deebo Samuel of South Carolina. But you know the Patriots, they tend to make some weird picks. Sometimes, they work out, sometimes they don't.

We're not gonna question Bill Belichick because the man is a football genius but if that's the case, perhaps they should've actually moved down and picked this gentleman while he was still available later on and had slightly more to show for it.

Still, Harry has some pretty good potential, and it's clear the team thinks highly of him. And why wouldn't they? The guy made 73 catches for 1,088 yards and nine touchdown grabs last fall. He's a two-time all conference player, and the Patriots have access to scouting that no one else does, so perhaps they see a budding star.

We'll see how the rest of the draft goes for the team. Hopefully, they get a tight end because, you know, Rob Gronkowski *starts crying* retired.

Six more rounds to go.

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