Other teams are STEALING the Patriots players

Other teams are STEALING the Patriots players

Get your pitchforks ready because we're heading to Armageddon!

The New England Patriots are done for. They're ruined. They're the new Cleveland Browns. Don't even bother watching next year. They're going negative one and 17 next year. That's my prediction. Uh.. No.

But that's the attitude you'll see from a lot of Patriots fans this week. Why, you might ask? Because a few players left the team via free agency this week. OK, well, what do they expect to happen? Football is a game where you get hit in the head every day for a few years and then retire because your head kills. Not everyone wants to take the hometown discount. Most of these guys didn't grow up Patriots fans like us. Regardless, don't worry about these moves.

Everyone knew Malcolm Butler was out of here after this year. Who cares? The Patriots had the worst secondary in the AFC last year. If that's who the Titans want to pay, he's their problem now. 

Danny Amendola was a decent loss for the Patriots but hey, the Patriots have a better slot receiver. His name is Julian Edelman and he was out all of last season. In other words, the Patriots have a better wideout they can use to fill the void.

Nate Solder is the one that kind of stings, I suppose. That's what happens when you don't pay guys and the Giants do (four years, $62 million). Now, the Patriots are interested in Joe Thomas, but he may be out of their price range. Everyone knows the Patriots don't spend money (unless they waste a ton on Stephon Gilmore). But hey, if they can get Thomas, that would be awesome. He's a 10-time Pro Bowler. That's more than Solder will have in his career, so there's that.

Whatever ends up happening, just remember the Patriots pretty much make it to the AFC Championship every year anyway. 

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