OBJ compares the Browns to the Patriots

OBJ compares the Browns to the Patriots

Sometimes, we could all use a good laugh, so here is a big thank you to Odell Beckham Jr. for providing one.

The former New York Giants wide receiver was traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason and now, he's really talking up his new team. He made a pretty bold statement at this most recent press conference, as NFL.com and others reported.

"I plan on being there for the next five years and trying to bring as many championships there as possible," he said, "turning [the Browns] into the new Patriots."

Uh... yeah. Those are actual words that came out of his mouth. He put the Browns in the same category as the Patriots.

Look, I get it. There's a case to be made that the Browns are on their way up. After an 0-16 season in 2017, they were much better last season, going 7-8-1. Bake Mayfield excelled under center in his first season and looks like he's going to be an impact player for years to come. But look, the Patriots have six Super Bowl rings in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era. How about winning one ring before making that comparison?

It would certainly be good for the game of football if the Browns could somehow magically turn things around. Ohio is a decent sized state, so they have an OK market for the sport. Perhaps they will be a better team in the coming years and actually compete for playoff spots. Even so, he's setting quite the high bar for him and his teammates.

As a member of the Giants last season, Beckham recorded 77 catches for 1,052 yards and six touchdown catches. If he can bring that level of production to Cleveland this season, he would be a great asset to help them turn things around.

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