Not much will come of David Price’s media feud

Let’s be honest, David Price more than likely hates Boston.

The money is one thing, but that might not be enough to sustain his personal happiness. We know there’s something about the guy that’s probably a little off, like how half of Red Sox fans are blocked by him and how he drilled both David Ortiz and Mike Carp back-to-back in 2014. And how he seems really unhappy with the Boston media. But you know what? That’s just David, I guess…

So the story goes Price flipped on some dude Wednesday because he tweeted out a quote he told Dan Shaughnessy in a different interview, which he was apparently OK with. Then this dude felt the need to keep arguing with David, questioning his professionalism. And, now, I guess Price said he’s only going to talk to reporters on the day of his starts postgame. The rest of the days, I’m assuming he’s gonna be like a mime and not talk.

Not sure what the issue is here.  Media access is limited on most starting pitchers anyways. From my experience with this, in a postgame MLB interview, the rule of thumb is you’re only supposed to ask about the game that was played that day. So Price, who believes he has been treated unfairly, doesn’t really want to do anything more than the bare minimum he can do. Doesn’t want to help these guys with their Sunday features or anything like that. Understood.

The pro athletes always have the ball in their court when it comes to this sort of thing. There’s 24 other guys on the team and a coaching staff and many of them are willing to help these reporters out. It’s nice to have guys on board and guys who are helpful, but it has to be a trusting relationship and clearly, Price doesn’t trust a lot of people here. There’s probably blame on both sides for that since he’s made himself into an easy target now, but that takes a lot off the other guy’s backs–maybe.

Price’s job is to pitch for the Red Sox. If he does that, there’s no issue. In fact, it’s one less problem to be talked about.

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