No, the Bruins should not trade Rask

No, the Bruins should not trade Rask

The Bruins have to keep Tuukka Rask whether or not you like him.

It's not really up for debate. If you don't like him, that's fine, but there has to be a solution. It just can't be "he doesn't play well in the playoffs and therefore he cannot be on the team". No, the Bruins were pretty short-handed defensively this postseason and they were playing against good teams. Rask is a well-above average goaltender, despite what anyone says.

During the regular season, Rask allowed 2.36 goals per game. Again, people are entitled to their opinions, but facts are facts. What do the facts tell you? They say he had the fifth lowest GAA among goaltenders who played the majority of their team's minutes. That's right. It could be argued that he is a top-5 goaltender if you go based on those stats.

Sure, there are some people who disagree with that. That's their right. But, consider this: Rask is set to earn $7 million next year. That's a big contract. If he truly is incompetent, then who would want to eat that contract. They'd get a massive stomach ache if they tried to eat that much money since paper/cloth isn't meant to be digested.

I'd also like to meet this magic man who meets the Tuukka haters' expectations. If there are goaltenders out there who are better than Rask, why would another team want to give them up? I don't know, it just doesn't really add up.

If only there was a better solution in the Bruins organization, but Zane McIntyre isn't it. That's a shame because if he was a star goaltender, the Bruins wouldn't need Tuukka. So yeah, let's just blame Zane for not being a Hall of Fame quality talent who can overtake Rask and lead the Bruins to the cup.

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