NFL teams interested in Josh McDaniels as a HC

NFL teams interested in Josh McDaniels as a HC

Each and every year, NFL head coaches get fired and teams desperately seek new ones to fill their voids. They hope that this time it will be different. They really hope that someone who has very little to do with the game while it is going on is going to have some discernible impact on the game despite not wearing any pads or playing any downs in it.

These lesser teams also like to leech off of the coaching staffs of better teams and with the regular season winding down, we are starting to see who teams might be interested in as far as this goes. Well, you guessed it: New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has been included in some of these reports--for some reason. is saying that he is a top candidate for the Green Bay Packers vacancy and that he could see his name come up for other teams in the near future as well.

This is honestly kind of weird because he backed out of a head coaching gig with the Indianapolis Colts last season. Plus, his tenure as the Denver Broncos head coach honestly wasn’t that great (11-17 over two seasons).

Here’s what team owner Robert Kraft had to say about such rumors.

“I care about winning Sunday. That’s what I really care about,” he said, apparently taking a page from the Bill Belichick school of media. “Whatever happens … you know, we have good people. I’m actually flattered that people are after our people.”

And Kraft is exactly right. Think of it this way: if Krabby Patties were not any good, do you think Plankton would be trying to steal the secret formula? Obviously not. There’s a reason why Mr. Krabs isn’t trying to swipe Plankton’s chum recipe.

Does that make sense? OK. Good.

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