New Bruins players means new numbers

New Bruins players means new numbers

Very exciting news broke for Boston Bruins fans this week, depending on your definition of exciting.

So, The Boston Globe, the largest newspaper in New England, released an absolute BOMBSHELL report on the Bruins which will change the way you look at them in the future. It announced which numbers their new players are going to be wearing. Here’s a look at who is wearing what and why we think they chose said number.

Jaroslav Halak -- The new Bruins backup goaltender will be sticking with the No. 41 jersey, because of course. If you can get your number, why change it up, right? Also, he must be a huge Sum 41 fan--because that’s such a random number to pick otherwise.

John Moore -- Even if he is a productive NHL player, did the defenseman, who put up 18 points last season (7 goals, 11 assists), really think he could skate over to the Bruins and take No. 2? Hell no! That’s Eddie Shore’s number! That’s retired!  Instead, he had to settle for No. 27 this time around--which is his age. Not sure if that’s why he picked it, but it sounds believable, right?

Chris Wagner -- The Walpole native, who plays center, certainly adds some depth to the Bruins, having played 174 career games in the league (including 79 last season). Although his go-to No. 21 was open, he didn’t take it. Instead, Wagner took No. 14 which is twice as many goals as he scored last year. So, basically, expect him to score 14 goals this season because he might just be setting his expectations high with that number.

Joakim Nordstrom -- Nordstrom wanted No. 42 (since he’s Swedish, my guess is it isn’t Jackie Robinson related), but David Backes already has it and Nordstrom lost their best 51 of 100 rock, paper, scissors duel for it. Instead, he gets No. 20 this year. Why? Because his hero Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill.

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