NBA 2K19 shows Jayson Tatum some respect

NBA 2K19 shows Jayson Tatum some respect

Celtics fans, go stand near the chalkboard, because you have the opportunity to chock up a win right here and now.

Every year, a decent indicator of how good, talented and capable a player in a pro sports league will be prior to the season is their overall rating in a video game. It’s not going to tell you everything, but they are based on production and projections which is good. It’s also great news for the C’s.

Why? Because Jayson Tatum got a 10-point boost to his overall rating in NBA 2K19. That’s right. So, in last year’s game, he had a 77 overall rating prior to the season, the lowest of any of the top four picks of the draft, according to The Springfield Republican/

Last year’s ratings ended up being the victims of the Old Takes Exposed twitter account because they underestimated Tatum while Markelle Fultz, Lonzo ball and Josh Jackson were all ranked ahead of him. However, it seems like they have Tatum correct--now. We shall see if he can live up to the rankings during the season though.

It’s also worth noting that Tatum was among the most improved players in the game. A 10-point rise is better than the 9-point jump Donovan Mitchell got or the 6-point bump for Ben Simmons. It’s unclear where they will be ranked this season but hey, 87 for for Tatum ain’t bad, right?

Certainly, it shows expectations have to be high for the 20-year-old headed into this season. He played more than 30 minutes per game as a rookie and scored 13.9 points per game while grabbing 5.0 rebounds. It was a solid start for the youngster. Now, it’s time to expect even more from him. If that doesn’t have you pumped for this Celtics season, there’s nothing that will, apparently.

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