Mike Timlin responds to the haters of his broadcasting

If only Dennis Eckersley could travel with the team…

Over the past two Red Sox series over on the west coast, Mike Timlin (yes, the former Red Sox reliever) worked six games as the color commentator alongside Dave O’Brien. Timlin came in with no broadcasting experience and let’s just say, he probably wasn’t too happy with the response he got. Not gonna post those tweets, but here is his answer to it all.

That’s right. Timlin is right. It isn’t easy. I’ve tried my hand at broadcasting before (2016 Brockton Rox fill-in). Not my thing. It’s really hard. Timlin had no experience with it.

At least Timlin did like working with Dave O’Brien which he tweeted out too.

Timlin tried. He really did. He did what he was asked to do. He even ate some grasshoppers on the air, so you can’t knock his effort. It should’ve been easy to realize going in he does not have an electric personality. He seems like a really nice guy who really knows the game of baseball, and he did the job he was asked. He’s just not Dennis Eckersley, who I think is the best Red Sox color commentator because he is more neutral than everyone else. His honesty is refreshing.

If you were wondering what Timlin does now, he is a high school baseball coach in Colorado (Valor Christian). That did not prepare him to broadcast. The Price incident put the Red Sox in an awkward position where they needed a broadcaster and they must’ve reached out to Timlin and he must’ve accepted. They went from there and now it’s probably over now. He was pretty much their west coast freelancer.

Eck won’t be in town for the Hall of Fame series and I really don’t know who is going to be in the booth for them, except my gut tells me it’ll be Lenny DiNardo. Former Sox backup catcher Bob Montgomery definitely has the experience factor too, so that’s a possibility.

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