Mike Hazen named Diamondbacks GM/VP

It appears as though the Boston Red Sox will need another GM — like soon.

Today, there was some unexpected news on that front, at least from the commoner’s perspective.

Yes, Boston Red Sox GM Mike Hazen took a job with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Oh, so that’s who the general manager was? Yes. Oh, some people probably thought it was Dave Dombrowski, right? No. He just has about the most influence in the front office than anyone else.

For those who follow it closely, here’s an example: Dombrowski was probably the one who pushed for the Drew Pomeranz deal so hard.

To be honest, the move makes sense for Hazen. It’s safe to assume he didn’t have much say in the Red Sox front office. It seems to be all Dombrowski. And don’t forget the influence of Red Sox owner John Henry. He’s not just there to be there, after all.

So if he wasn’t the biggest player in it all, then what’s the point of caring? Well, I’ll give you a big reason to care. How about if I put this in the headline instead: Abington native Mike Hazen. Yeah, he’s from Abington — Massachusetts. The small town with the good football program. The Wing-T team who is run heavy? Yeah, that’s it.

From a baseball perspective, think about this: he’s close with Torey Lovullo. Hazen was the guy to offer up big money so Lovullo would stay in Boston. But the Diamondbacks might need a manager. And who does Hazen like? Torey Lovullo.

That’s speculation, of course, but one has to wonder if he goes ahead and hires Lovullo away from the Sox in the next couple months. Clearly, whatever the Diamondbacks have been doing since about 2002 just hasn’t been working for them, hence the change. Maybe change is beneficial.


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