Maybe next year will be better for David Price

It would be nice if the Boston Red Sox could sign a starting pitcher who produced just as they had in the past in their first season in Boston.

David Price is the most recent guy to fall into that trap and throughout the season, he really has not shown any signs of improvement. Yes, there have been flashes of the David Price of old. But he’s allowed more hits than any other starting pitcher in baseball and owns a 4.34 ERA to this point. He’s really not what they were expecting.

Usually, he has sharp command but in yesterday’s loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers, he did not even have that. And he admitted it.

Price really doesn’t say much of substance when asked about his struggles. And sometimes, it would be tough to imagine manager John Farrell actually believing what he has to say.

It’s kind of like in late June when Price was lit up by the Tampa Bay Rays and Farrell said he thought Price had his best stuff.

Price is 0-2 with a 4.31 ERA in five starts since the All-Star break and opposing hitters have hit .328 off of him. That batting average suggests his ERA should be even higher than that.

This year, just does not seem to be Price’s year. There is not much reason to believe he is going to turn it around in his next ten starts or so. And there should not be much faith in him pitching well in the postseason — if the Red Sox make it that far.

Price still has six years left on his contract after this year and can opt out after three. Seeing how Rick Porcello struggled last year and turned it around this year, perhaps there is reason to believe Price can turn it around as well.

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