Matt Barnes could be the Red Sox.... closer?

Matt Barnes could be the Red Sox.... closer?

Well, this is far from the ideal scenario.

It's the first full week of February and yet, the Boston Red Sox do not have a closer yet.

To make matters worse, there is speculation that they have a closer internally--it's just not the kind of guy a lot of people would have faith in to do the job and do it well....

That's right: Matt Barnes' name keeps coming into the equation for it. Yeah. That Matt Barnes. The one who has a 4.14 ERA in his big league career. Sure, he had a better year last season, but that was still a 3.65 ERA and in his big league career, he only has two career big league saves. So yeah, this is kind of a tough spot for the team right now.

If this is a bluff in order to sign Craig Kimbrel for a cheaper price, it's a pretty bad one. The team did not make any announcements as to who their closer might be just yet, but the speculation is there because he's the most tenured guy of the bunch. Honestly, that would be pretty rough if he is their best option in the ninth inning. A team that won 108 games last season and a World Series title really should have a legit, experienced closer.

I think if 2003 taught us anything it's that not investing in a real closer can end badly. Tim Wakefield taught us why to not trust the good ol' closer by committee thing.

But yeah, the free agent market has been really slow this offseason so hopefully, the Red Sox step up and make a move in the next couple of weeks because they could do better in the bullpen than what they currently have--and absolutely should strive for improvement this time around.

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