MassLive shows the Celtics some #RE2PECT

MassLive shows the Celtics some #RE2PECT

Tom Joyce ·

OK, so I know CBS Sports took a licking from us because of their words about the Boston Bruins, but MassLive looks like they are deserving of praise.

They made a correct assessment about the Boston Celtics. It's good. Good for them. They'd get a gold star if we were handing them out, but I don't have any, so I guess they don't actually get anything.

So they did a projection of who they think should make the NBA's Eastern Conference All-Star team this season -- and they picked three Celtics players #RE2PECT.

Kemba Walker they had in the starting lineup. Here is their quote about him:

"Walkers biggest point guard challenge comes from Dinwiddie. The tiebreaker goes to Walker for his incredible 3-point shooting. Young’s team, and defense, isn’t good enough to get him to starter level. Beal is a beast, and is immune to hit team being terrible. The East frontcourt is obvious."

And then you look at the bench and they have the two Jay guys: Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

I mean if you look at offensive rating, both of them are in the top six, so them being there makes sense. Averaging more than 20 points per game is a plus, but as we know that's no guarantee to make the team. The fact that they're both doing it shows they're not just big fish in a small pond though.

Personally, I think Tacko Fall should be an All-Star too, but we know the system is rigged. If it was not rigged, he'd be a slam dunk (a basketball reference, for those unfamiliar), but it is rigged. He's so popular and so tall and no one in the game plays any defense. He could go off, put up 50 and show the world why he is truly the greatest.

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