Marcus Smart says Kyrie didn't cause bad chemistry

Marcus Smart says Kyrie didn't cause bad chemistry

Well, that didn't go very well for the Boston Celtics.

Their series against the Milwaukee Bucks wasn't exactly what people were expecting. They're not going any further this season--because their season is over. People are trying to point fingers to decide who is to blame for this series loss. However, Marcus Smart is sticking up for his fellow teammate Kyrie Irving.

For some reason, reporters tried asking him about it--to try to create some divide between the guys. Needless to say, Smart is a smart guy and he did not fall into the trap.

Here's what he told the media on Wednesday when asked if Irving was responsible for the team's "lack of chemistry".

"Bulls---. That's bulls---," Smart said. "Not one of us on this team knows what Kyrie has been through. Probably a few amount of people in this world know what Kyrie goes through. It was hard for him as well."

He continued by saying, "He was forced into a situation where it was business over the friendships. He had to come into a situation knowing this is a group of guys that had something going before [he came] here. 'How will I fit in?' He didn't want to disrupt that. That says a lot. This is Kyrie Irving we're talking about it, and he's worried about coming in and disrupting us. We took him in with full arms. We tried to understand. But like I said, we never really understood because we're not in his shoes. That's just a bulls--- statement to say his leadership skills killed us."

Irving struggled in the Bucks series. According to Elias Sports, he is the first C's player since Sam Jones in 1966 to take at least 15 shots in four straight playoff games and have a shooting percentage below 40 percent. Not ideal.

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