Marcus Johansson helps bolster Bruins offense

Marcus Johansson helps bolster Bruins offense


That's the sound that was made when the Boston Bruins got Marcus Johansson at the trade deadline this season. They got him from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for their second round pick in 2019 and a fourth round pick in 2020. Now, whether or not that was too much for a guy of his ability with only one part of a season left on his contract is neither here nor there now. The move was made. We must accept that and know the Bruins are a better team now for it.

Johansson is having a pretty productive season when all things are considered. In 49 games, he has put up 28 points (12 goals, 16 assists), so he is receiving a chance to play on the Bruins second line. He is certainly a productive player, who--like Charlie Coyle--makes the team better. It's clear the Bruins are trying to contend this season, so it is good that they went out and bolstered their offense.

They might not have gone out and got the biggest names on planet earth but hey, the B's trying.

Also, he deserves some street cred for wanting to play in Boston slash enjoying his home debut. Here is what he had to say about it.

“It was a lot of fun and playing in front of the home crowd," he told NESN after the game. "I think they were unbelievable. It was just a lot of fun and a lot of adrenaline today. So this is a game I’ll remember for a long time.”

Well, to be fair, he made his debut on the same day Joe Thornton was playing against the Bruins, so there must have been a lot of excitement in the building. But yeah, this is an indication the Bruins are serious about winning this season, and it is great to see.

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