Malcolm Subban looks alright, but not NHL ready yet

So Malcolm Subban played last night. It just didn’t go so well.

Last year, Subban’s season was cut short because of a puck to the throat. I know because my friend, who is an EMT in Maine, dispatched the call. But yeah, Subban is back now. He was in next for the Bruins second preseason game — against the Detroit Red Wings. And while the signs were there he could have a decent future in net, he’s not there yet.

Subban allowed four goals in the loss despite recording 30 saves. The Red Wings scored all of their goals early though. They had their four off Subban before the Bruins first goal of the game. That goal came at the 13:20 mark in the second period. Ryan Spooner dished the puck to Austin Czarnik for the score.

If you weren’t going to, you have to give Spooner some serious street cred there. Look at that. He draws all the attention to himself and then skips back a beautiful back-handed pass to his teammate. That’s the kind of guy you want playing center — or centre to be super Canadian (Canadien) about (there’s already a “u” in “about” so nothing I can do to make it a Canadian (Canadien) word) it.

The Bruins already have their goalie situation pretty much all figured out. OK, I think we can all agree Tuukka Rask (shows up as spelt wrong on Microsoft Word, but I think that’s how it’s spelt) finna be the starter. And the Anton Khudobin is the backup. He spent a lot of time in the AHL last year, but he’s allowed 2.42 goals per game in 100 career NHL games. That’s not bad at all.

So where does that leave Subban? Providence. Give him some time to develop. He’s only 22. No need to worry yet. Should be all good.

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