Madden makes it official: Tom Brady is underrated

Madden makes it official: Tom Brady is underrated

To pretend this is not a problem would be a major lie. We strive to tell the truth here, so it will be addressed.

The video game Madden released the list of player ratings this week for the game that comes out just before the start of the NFL's regular season. Four players got a 99 overall rating. Not one of them was Tom Brady.

So, they must've given Tom Brady a 100 overall, right? I'm afraid not. They don't do that. They didn't even make Brady the best quarterback in the NFL. They gave him a measly 96 overall -- one point behind Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who will be a 97 overall.

Brady joked on twitter that it was his speed rating that brought him down and posted some fake video of him running really fast. I don't think that will help him, but whatever.



In all seriousness, 96 overall is quite good for a 100-year-old quarterback, or however old Brady is these days.

Sure, he's not the most mobile guy going (or anything close to it), but the guy just wins. He's pretty quick to release the ball and he can work well with talented slot receivers.

The big thing about Tom Brady too is we have to enjoy him while we can. Sure, he's playing this season. I have to imagine he will play next season. And who knows? Maybe he'll play the following season as will. That's the thing about Brady though: we just don't know how long he will be able to keep it up.

Expectations for him should be high once again this year. After all, the Patriots have a shot at winning another Super Bowl (when don't they? They're amazing).

Personally, I'd give Brady a 105 overall in Madden, but it is what it is at this point...

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