Love Him or Hate Him, Peyton Manning is Going Down a Champ

Peyton Manning fan or not, he had a career he can look back at and be proud of.

The longtime Tom Brady rival possibly capped off his NFL career last night, and if this truly was his “last rodeo”, then he will be going out a champ as his Denver Broncos topped the Carolina Panthers, 24-10, in arguably the worst Super Bowl in recent times.

The record holder for all-time passing touchdowns and passing yards was nothing more than a mere game manager last night, but an age old saying came into play: defense wins championships.

Manning may have only completed 13 of his 23 passes, throwing an interception., but he did “well enough” to win a Super Bowl. Oddly enough, some could argue he had a better game in Super Bowl 48, when his team was blown out by the Seattle Seahawks, 43-8.

In his career, Manning is 2-2 in Super Bowls. With the win, he now has as many rings as his brother Eli, public enemy No. 1 one of the Patriots.

And Eli was thrilled that his brother won last night.

Oh damn, I’m the worse Manning brother now. No kidding Eli… Can’t you just pretend to be happy for forehead for once?

After the game, an on-field reporter asked Manning if it was his last game. Of course, Manning did not spend nearly two decades in the NFL to just call it a career like that. People spent $5 million on Super Bowl commercials that weren’t even good. Love him or hate him, Manning is one of the all-time greats — and he deserves better than that.

He did, however, give Budweiser a name drop. One can only imagine how much they paid him to say that.

Manning also kissed the Papa John’s because nothing says I’m a Super Bowl champ more than making out with the pizza guy.

And yes, he kissed him before he kissed his wife.

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