Looking back at the best of David Ortiz

Gone? Yes. Forgotten? Never.

The next time we’ll see David Ortiz at Fenway Park is June 23 when the Red Sox retire his No. 34. As far as actual baseball goes though, Ortiz, who still lives in Massachusetts, will probably continue to stay out of the spotlight, whether you like it or not. He’s not on the Red Sox anymore. They’re doing pretty good without him. But it you want some Ortiz nostalgia, then you’re in luck. Here’s a look at some of the top moments in his Red Sox career.

Ortiz vs. the bullpen phone

David wasn’t happy with the call. You know what else calls? Telephones.  It’s also memorable because he nearly killed Dustin Pedroia–which would have been bad.

500th career home run

Ortiz really heated up as the 2015 season progressed. At one point, he had about a zero percent chance of launching his 500th career home run that year. But he did it with like three weeks left in the season. Sure, the Red Sox were a last place team. But still, it’s a big milestone. And Don Orsillo was on the call, so there’s that.

2013 ALCS game 2 game-tying grand slam

If Ortiz doesn’t hit that, how different would that series have ended up? Tigers probably would’ve won.

2004 game 4 ALCS walkoff home run

Again, if Ortiz doesn’t hit this: what happens? Sox were down 3-0 in the series.

A day later…

OK. Now we have a series…

Post-marathon bombing speech

It just goes to show there’s more to life than baseball. Ortiz didn’t need to say much, but I could recite that in my sleep now. Some things just resonate with people. That’s definitely one of them.

When Ortiz’ number is retired by the Red Sox, that’ll definitely make the list. The same could be said for his Hall of Fame speech several years down the road.

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