Looking at some notable Red Sox September call-ups

Looking at some notable Red Sox September call-ups

After this season, September call-ups will never be the same in Major League Baseball -- or at least not for awhile.

The league is going to get rid of the massive roster expansion (which currently allows for up to 40 players on a roster). Instead, the teams will only be able to call up two players and have a 28-man roster for the rest of the season. Remember, next year the regular season is going from a 25-man roster to a 26-man roster.

September call-ups will be done a bit differently in future years as a result. Not as many players are going to get the call, unfortunately for the players. That said, however, let's take a look at a few notable ones over the years in Red Sox history.

Devern Hansack (2006) --- This legend threw a rain-shortened no-hitter that wasn't recognized by Major League Baseball in 2006. But you know what? He pitched a complete game (five innings) and didn't allow any hits, so he is a legend in our eyes.

Rudy Pemberton (1996) -- The outfielder lit the world on fire for the final few weeks of the season. He got 21 hits in 41 at-bats and posted a .512 batting average with a 1.336 OPS in 13 games.

Dwayne Hosey (1995) -- How about Hosey the year before? The guy hit .338 with three home runs and six steals In 24 September games.

Craig Hansen (2005) -- The closer made his MLB debut the year he got drafted. It never really worked out though.

Rusney Castillo (2014) -- The big money outfielder showed promise, hitting .333 with a pair of home runs in 10 games. Sustained success, however? Never had it.

Hanley Ramirez (2005) -- Who could forget those two games he played in for the Red Sox back in the day?

Yoan Moncada (2016) -- Thank you for getting the Red Sox Chris Sale.

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