Lonzo Ball becoming the perfect Celtics enemy

You ever have that feeling where you know someone really doesn’t like you but it’s OK because you also really don’t like them, so it’s all good? In fact, it kind of gets to the point where you’re almost sort of glad you have them in your life to hate? Yeah, that’s pretty much the Boston Celtics right now with Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo actually told the Celtics he would not do a workout for them in the time leading up to the NBA draft. And, of course, as you know, the C’s do have that No. 1 overall pick and Ball was thought of as a potential for the spot. But him and his dad pretty much decided that’s not gonna happen. He doesn’t wanna play for the Celtics because his dad was a Los Angeles Lakers fan growing up. OK.

I’m actually kind of proud of Lonzo Ball here. He actually told the Celtics himself that he didn’t wanna play for them. We hadn’t heard from him in awhile. Glad to hear he can speak for himself sometimes and doesn’t need his ripped daddy to lay down the law for him.

Let’s be honest, LaVar ain’t gonna be able to do every single interview for him over the course of his NBA career. In fact, if LaVar continues staying this involved in his kid’s career, he’ll probably get swirlies in the locker room and be out of the league in a couple years. Seriously, just let Lonzo play ball. I thought play was his middle name anyways.

He’s also doing a nice job establishing himself as an enemy of Celtic nation. That could be kind of cool for the Celtics and Lakers to have legit beef again because, let’s be honest, they had some delicious kobe beef a couple years back but now that he’s gone, it’s a bunch of nobodies and there’s no real reason to dislike them.

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