Live Patriots football action is so close

Live Patriots football action is so close

This is some good news for all of you New England Patriots fans out there.

Football is basically back at this point. The team is in training camp at the moment and that means football games are right around the corner. And no, there is no real corner, it is all hypothetical.

Seriously though: the first NFL scrimmage is set to take place on Thursday, August 1. No, it's not the Patriots, but the Patriots will be taking the field and seeing action next Thursday. That's something to look forward to for sure.

They'll be taking on the Detroit Lions at 7:30 p.m. on the road. It's a good opportunity to go out and watch the game because that way, you'd be able to watch both the Red Sox and Patriots. But since the Red Sox did not do anything at the deadline and ceded the division to the Yankees, maybe it's not the best time to do that. Anyways, that team could still make the playoffs, so there's still hope.

But yeah, this will be a great time to see some of the Patriots younger talent in action for the first time. Obviously, it's not gonna be a game where Tom Brady plays for all four quarters and we won't see any Rob Gronkowski because, you know, he's retired.

But you know what? It's a football game and NFL players wearing Patriots uniforms will be participating. That's really what matters at this point.

The Patriots first home scrimmage this season, unfortunately, won't be until later on. That one is set to take place on August 22 against the Carolina Panthers. The following week, they will also be home against the New York Giants. Speaking of which, I know some older folks who are still New York Giants fans. It's a shame. They have bad taste in football teams....

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